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End-of-Year Tax Strategies

It’s time to focus on the end of the year, especially taxes, which are a big topic of conversation. We spotlight this topic every December because it’s just that important.

We do a year-end tax event each year and produce a white paper because having the right strategies to limit your tax bill can help reduce some of the anxiety around tax time. Some people stress about doing their taxes. If you’ve ever received a letter from the IRS, you know what that anxiety is like.


On this episode, we’ll share:

  • Why we’re sitting at very low tax rates and how that could change. (7:36)
  • Whether you should do itemized or standard deductions. (11:10)
  • Why you need to get a 2022 tax projection. (13:26)



End of Year Tax Strategies PDF - Downloadable for Website.pdf

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Stock Seller’s Remorse

Do you have seller’s remorse? If you sell a stock and then regret it later, this might be you. We love talking about the behavioral side of finances and investing, and today’s show is all about that.

The economy and markets have had a rough time this year, so we’ve seen more regret among investors who led with their feelings instead of facts.

On this episode, we’ll share:

  • The behavioral side of finances and investing. (1:06)
  • What’s high in terms of historical interest rates? (6:17)
  • How people almost fell asleep on stock market volatility. (12:48)


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What Can I Control?

What’s in your control, what’s outside your control, and how do those things influence your decision-making in your financial life? For instance, inflation is surging, the markets are down, and political warfare is holding strong.

But rest assured, there are aspects you are still definitely in control of. We’ll explain how facts and logic are better tools than emotions, myths, misconceptions and misinformation.

On this episode, we’ll share:

  • Should you just ignore the things you can’t control? (2:50)
  • What’s out of your control? And what can you control? (4:42)
  • The best way to start your day. (15:18)


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Celebrate Our 100th Show With These Memorable Moments

It’s time to celebrate our 100th episode of Your Retirement Elevated with Scott Dougan! For this milestone episode, we thought we’d mix things up a bit with a look back at some of the best lessons from the past few years of podcasting.

Scott’s a great storyteller; it always makes financial planning more relatable when we can tie it into a story about our past or everyday life. So, we’ve gone back through the past 100 episodes, pulled our Top 6 favorite stories, and trimmed each one into a bite-sized piece.

Enjoy these stories as we celebrate episode 100 and gear up for 100 more:


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Why You Need a Micro and Macro Tax Lens

There are a couple different ways to view taxes – through micro and macro lenses. You’ve probably heard of micro and macro economics, but today’s show is all about preparing for tax season. 

Here’s some of what you’ll learn on this episode:  

  • Why you have to consider variables in tax planning. (6:01)
  • Why you need to keep the conversation going about your taxes and how often we should meet. (9:12)
  • Our final thoughts about this crucial topic for your finances. (13:30)


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5 Ways Taxes Can Rise & How to Protect Yourself

This topic of taxes is such an important one, especially when it comes to retirement, because the more you pay in taxes, the less income you’ll have to spend. By exploring the five ways taxes can rise, we can help prepare you for what might happen and then discuss the ways to protect yourself.


Here’s some of what you’ll learn on this episode:

  • Your taxes in retirement could do one of three things. (5:46)
  • What could lead to you changing tax brackets in retirement. (10:00)
  • The possibility of deductions being eliminated could impact you a lot. (13:33)
  • Assets could get taxed differently in the future, such as Social Security. (15:33)
  • What else can you be doing now to protect yourself for higher taxes. (21:30)


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Income Personalities – Probability vs. Safety-First

What is your income personality? Today we’re discussing two types and what they mean – probability vs. safety first. Find out which one you are.


Key topics on this episode: 

2:36 – Two schools of thought

5:19 – Your preference

7:12 – Risk

8:53 – Optimization planning


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The Four Stages of Retirement

Today we’re talking about the four stages of retirement. We want to break it down in an easy-to-understand way to help you prepare for this huge milestone in life.


Key topics in this episode: 

2:58 – Anticipation

4:27 – Liberation/disorientation

6:21 – Reinvention

10:47 – Reflection/resolution

13:00 – Legacy

15:43 – Personality groups


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Peanut Butter and Expense Planning

Our entire episode today is based on a meme that says: “You haven’t experienced true heartbreak until you've measured out a single serving of peanut butter.” It can be pretty depressing to see how what 200 calories of peanut butter really looks like, but we’ll tie it all into expense planning.


Key topics on this show:

1:45 – Peanut butter

5:54 – Expense planning

8:34 – Itemized expenses

9:36 – Travel and experiences

11:10 – Psychological


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What are the Pros and Cons of I Bonds?

Have you heard about the new popular investment, I bonds? What are the pros and cons surrounding these bonds and are they the right fit for you?


More on I Bonds:


Key topics on this show: 

1:31 – What kind of questions are we getting?

2:22 – Breaking down the I bond news

4:21 – How should we approach understanding these?

5:32 – How does the return work?

7:08 – What are the pros of I bonds?

8:55 – What are the cons of I bonds?

12:23 – I bonds must be held for one year

15:10 – Is this worth it for you?


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5 Questions To Determine If Your Financial Plan Needs Further Review

Anytime you meet with a financial advisor, you need to determine if your plan needs more review. On this episode of Your Retirement Elevated podcast with Scott Dougan, we’re sharing the five critical questions you need to ask.


Key topics on this show: 

3:58 – Vacation now or later

6:17 – Adequate review

9:36 – Tax plan

12:00 – Income and liquidity

13:59 – Risk

15:34 – Heirs


Read more and get additional resources here: 

The Marshmallow Experiment: The Role of Delayed Gratification In Financial Success

The ability to delay gratification – people who have this quality are more likely to succeed than any others, according to a study. Today we’ll share how this can help with your financial life.


Read more and get additional financial resources here: 


What we discuss in this episode: 

2:44 – Marshmallow study

7:56 – Our clients

9:20 – More about the experiment

Are You Guilty of These Cognitive Biases?

Today’s show is a fun one. Bias is one of our favorite topics, and cognitive bias is fascinating, especially as it relates to money. Find out what these biases are and how to implement more rational thinking into your life.


Article discussed today:


Read more and get additional financial resources here: 


What we discuss in this episode: 

1:38 – Bias is a favorite topic

3:50 – Dunning-Kruger effect

6:19 - Anchoring

8:16 – Google effect

12:55 – Zero-risk bias

13:37 – Ikea effect

16:21 – Blind spot bias

Why is the Market Going Down?

The stock market has been on the decline. But is this normal, or is this time different? How should we handle the drop? We’ll share what advice we give clients and how you can handle the ups and downs with confidence.


Read more and get additional financial resources here: 


What we discuss in this episode:

2:00 – Why is the market going down?

5:36 – Volatility is quicker

9:02 – Upward trend

11:59 – Final thoughts

Murky Issues That Make Retirement Planning Harder

A recent USA Today article pointed out three murky issues that increase retirement planning’s degree of difficulty, especially in today’s economic climate. On this episode, we’ll breakdown the article to see if the murky issues are actually that threatening, and what you can do about it if you’re concerned.


Read more and get additional financial resources here: 


What we discuss in this episode:

2:38 – Income growth

8:13 – Social Security

10:52 – Withdrawal rates

17:20 – Data and variables

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